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Oral Surgery Staten Island

Many of the injuries or circumstances that require oral surgery can be painful and interrupt your daily life. The surgeons and staff at Staten Island Oral Surgery & Maxillofacial Surgery understand your need to put this stressful time behind you in the most efficient and effective means possible. In order to meet your needs, we provide a comprehensive range of oral surgeries in New York, from TMJ Surgery to Trigeminal Nerve Microsurgery. Using the most advanced procedures and techniques, we will solve your dental problem with the least invasive option possible, so you can swiftly return to the rhythm of your daily routine.

Cleft Lip and Palate / Congenital and Pediatric Surgery

Parents, whether newly made or experienced, share a common desire for children following their birth: perfect health. The worry and uncertainty parents feel when their child is born with an oral congenital defect in New York, such as a cleft lip or Treacher Collins Syndrome, is unavoidable, but at Staten Island Oral Surgery & Maxillofacial Surgery, a child’s quality of life can be drastically improved. If your child was born with an oral congenital defect, discover how our talented surgeons can impact your child’s future by reading about the congenital and pediatric surgeries we provide.


Dental Implants

Tooth loss can severely impede oral health. Teeth and gums become more sensitive and difficult to clean, increasing the chances of cavities and gum disease. Missing teeth that go untreated may cause the remaining teeth to shift, misalign, and make further treatment increasingly difficult. Fortunately, Staten Island Oral Surgery & Maxillofacial Surgery offers dental implants in NY as well as a variety of advanced bone grafting methods to make permanent and immediate restorations possible. Our office provides state-of-the-art dental equipment, such as the I-CAT in-office CAT scanner. Learn more about the dental implant procedures and advanced technologies we offer by clicking on the links below.

Facial Surgery

The balance of facial features, more than the shape of them individually, produce attractiveness. The toll of sunlight, gravity, injuries, and time affects the appearance of facial features as well. The talented surgeons at Staten Island Oral Surgery & Maxillofacial Surgery provide a variety of facial surgeries to enhance the appearance and function of your eyelids and nose and improve the quality of your skin. Patients diagnosed with skin cancer can find hope in Mohs surgery, and wounds that healed poorly or improperly may finally become less noticeable with scar revision surgery. Discover which facial surgery can improve your appearance by reading about the below procedures.

Cosmetic Injectables

The double damage of the sun’s rays and the passing years take a toll on a person’s appearance. Deep wrinkles, fine frown lines, and facial folds may mar a once youthful appearance, implying an older age than is felt. If the face in the mirror no longer matches the inner youth a person feels, the surgeons at Staten Island Oral Surgery & Maxillofacial Surgery provide BOTOX® Cosmetic and Restylane® as non-invasive options to rewind the clock. Click on the links below to learn how cosmetic injectables can boost both your self-esteem and appearance.

Sleep Apnea & Pillar Procedure

A restful night’s sleep is imperative to alert and efficient functioning throughout the day. Snoring, although a common habit, may lead to serious health concerns, such as sleep apnea. At Staten Island Oral Surgery & Maxillofacial Surgery, we provide the most advanced treatment for snoring and sleep apnea: the Pillar Procedure. Not only will you feel more rested and better prepared to tackle challenges of the day, but treating your snoring and sleep apnea also promotes better overall health. Click on the links below to discover how you too can benefit from the Pillar Procedure.