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Scar Revision Surgery Staten Island New York


What is scar revision surgery?

Life can be unpredictable and accidents are unexpected, but physical and emotional scars that result from accidents may remain for the rest of your life. Fortunately, Dr. Hoffman at Staten Island Oral Surgery offers scar revision surgery in New York to reduce the physical appearance of scars, so you can begin to heal. Everyone's accident and resulting scars are different, so the exact treatment to reduce the appearance of scars varies from patient to patient. Scar revision surgery in NY may involve complete removal of the scar, dermabrasion, or skin grafting. Dr. Hoffman will discuss the exact treatment options available and which scar revision surgery in NY or combination of surgery and treatments will provide the best results for your individual needs.

How can scar revision surgery help me?

Although some scars heal well and may add a certain character or rakishness that is attractive, other scars may not heal well or are placed in a position that is noticeable, distracting, or invokes feelings of self-consciousness. In these situations, Dr. Hoffman can perform scar revision surgery to reduce the appearance of the scar or reposition the scar so it appears less noticeable. You may want to consider scar revision surgery in NYC if your scar is at angle against the normal tension lines of the skin, has thickened, causes a distortion in facial or body features, hinders normal functioning or movement, or has developed a keloid. A keloid is a particular kind of scar which is thicker and has a different texture and color than the rest of the skin. It usually extends beyond the rest of the scar and often appears puckered, and almost tumor-like. Dr. Hoffman has a variety of techniques, treatments, and surgeries at his disposal to properly treat your individual scar.

What can I expect from scar revision surgery?

Scar revision surgery in NYC is usually performed using local anesthetic combined with a sedative, so patients are comfortable but awake during the surgery. Dr. Hoffman may completely remove the scar, perform Z-plasty, use dermabrasion, or skin grafting to help your scar heal. Z-plasty is a specialized type of scar revision surgery in NY in which Dr. Hoffman will create two V-shaped skin flaps. The flaps are then repositioned and sutured into place to make the scar less noticeable and allow the scar to lie in a more pleasing shape along the line of the body and lines of your natural ski folds. Z-plasty is also extremely effective for burn scars which have formed what is called hypertrophic scars which may cause contracture, the restriction of muscle, joint, or tendon movement. Another option for some patients is dermabrasion, in which the upper layers of skin are removed, so new skin may grow over this area. This method of scar revision surgery in NYC blends the scar with your natural skin to make the scar's appearance less noticeable. At Staten Island Oral Surgery, Dr. Hoffman strives to accommodate every patients individual needs, so they leave feeling healed and whole once again.

How do I get started with scar revision surgery?

David Hoffman, D.D.S. or Mark Stein, D.D.S., M.D. would be happy to discuss scar revision surgery with you. Please call 718.226.1251 to schedule an appointment for a private consultation at Staten Island Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

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